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Everyday life is an experience, and for most of us, that experience begins with a warm scent-filled shower. You can slow down the “tempo” with a quality bar of Heart and Hand Naturals quality handmade Shea Bath BarIt might just be your start to a perfect day.

After you fluff dry, then would be a good time to use Shea Body Butter to add a protective barrier to safeguard against the everyday elements of weather, pollutants, and free radicals.

Protecting your lovely lips is important too. Use Shea Butter Lip Conditioner and/or 
Barely There Lip Gloss to benefit that smile.

Add a final touch by rolling on a trace of HHN Perfume Oil to your wrists to give your body an uplifting experience.

Life picks up speed and so does the aging process.  As you eat nutritious food everyday to stay healthy inside, doing beneficial things for your body will help maintain it on the outside, too.

Using premium Heart and Hand Naturals products is like wearing a protective shield. There are many products that will help nourish the skin, with beneficial protecting ingredients that keep you looking healthy and glowing.
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Heart and Hand Naturals knows you are important, and it's my endeavor to give you good value and quality products that you deserve.

Heart and Hand Naturals has a new "Spa Package" in a box coming soon. Currently in the works is a collection of products that will make you feel extra special and that will benefit you from head to "Tootsies". 
And speaking of "Tootsies" don't forget my premier number one selling product Footsie Tootsie Repair Cream. You'll love the way it heals your cracked and damaged feet. 

So, follow the pages. Savor the rich natural products and rely on Heart and Hand Naturals to make sure you look your best.



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